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ELBA’S premises which are located in Amman-Jordan, stand on 100,000 square meters where the total constructed area is 50,000 square meters.

The company’s industrial production started with prefabricated buildings and steel structures in 1963. In 1992 ELBA began manufacturing buses and other vehicles built on different types of chassis.

The bus body building process passes through different phases and 6 production stages which are all carried out at the company’s facilities


First Stage: Chassis Assembly

The chassis are imported in either CKD (Completely knocked Down), SKD (Semi Knocked Down) or CBU (Completely Built Unit) form.

 Our highly trained technicians are masters in assembling different types of chassis in a timely manner.

Second Stage: Structure Assembly

The bus structure is built by different steel tubes and section,

while the wheel housing and bumpers are produced and made of GRP

 (Glass Reinforce Plastic).


Third Stage: Inner Preparations

 This is where the following steps are prepared and installed:

     -       Electrical harnesses installation

     -       Paint process

     -       Wood installation

     -       Interior insulation

     -       Windshield and side glazing installation

     -       Interior front and rear panels installation

     -       Passenger's doors with luggage compartment flaps


     -       Etc…


ELBA has different workshops inside its premises where the above steps are prepared and

 or produced such as:

     -       Wood workshop

     -       Aluminum workshop

     -       Glass workshop

     -       Powder coating workshop

     -       Etc…


Fourth Stage: Body Assembly

The bus body is now assembled over the chassis. It’s also where all other electrical, pneumatic and HVAC connections are completed along with some interior preparations


Fifth Stage: Semi - Final Preparations

The semi final stage is where luggage racks, seats, interior partitions, etc… are installed on the bus.



Sixth Stage: PDI


The final stage is where the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) takes place which includes a full inspection and maintenance concluding ELBA’S bus production stages before delivery to its customers.



Throughout the 6 stages needed from start to finish of the vehicle assembly, the Q.C. Department fully monitors and controls all quality aspects of products and production ensuring the best final result possible which complies with local and regional legislations.